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Dear Reader,
a most warm welcome to the Institute of Energy Technology in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Ruhr University Bochum.
The central thermes of power production, energy management and propulsion technology constitute the research fields of the chairs
affiliated to the Institute since its foundation in 1967.
Energy research has a long-standing tradition in Germany. Back in 1977 as the oil price crisis rampaged, the newly founded Ministry
for Research and Technology launched the first Energy Research Programme “Energy Research and Energy Technology”.
The programme represented almost a political U-turn (in German “Wende”) with respect to the previous ones, as focus was
placed not only on methods and technologies aimed at securing power supply but for the first time also an energy efficiency.
1980 the Öko-Institute presented a book with the title “Energiewende – Wachstum und Wohlstand ohne Erdöl und Uran”
(F. Krause, H. Bossel und K.-F. Müller-Reißmann, S. Fischer Verlag, ISBN-13: 978-3100077059, 1981), which literally translates
to „Energy U-Turn- Growth and Wealth without oil and uranium“. The study illustrated scenarios of future power generation which
were almost unthinkable at the time the book appeared whilst also showing, by means of a sound and objective financial analysis, how these
could be actually realized. Above all the book introduced for the first time at the word “Energiewende” (Energy U-turn). Today, almost 40 years later, the hypotheses advanced in the publication by Krause, Bossel and Müller-Reißmann have become reality and we are witnessing and experiencing the “Energiewende” not only as rethinking of power generation and utilization but also as a true cross-sector revolution affecting industrial processes as well as all aspects of mobility (automotive, water and air propulsion).

Today Institute of Energy Technology (8 professors, approx. 100 research assistants), consists of 4 chairs and a working group, which focus on the many aspects of energy topics in the field of mobility (road and air traffic) as well as energy supply and energy management. The international guest professorship "Thermal Carbon Conversion"
(CNR - IRC Naples, Italy), and two additional professorships (Institute of Propulsion Technology, DLR Kön, and Fraunhofer IEG) are also located in the institute.
Through successful international research in close cooperation with industry and research partners and a diverse range of courses, which are supplemented by colloquia, seminars and excursions, the Institute is helping to shape the energy revolution in Germany and worldwide.   
We wish you pleasant reading.
Prof. Dr. Francesca di Mare

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